How We Started

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Janet Wilson had good reasons to start her own wealth management firm in 2009 after the collapse and/or buyout by banks of several Wall Street firms (including her own prior broker/dealer). She founded Janet Wilson Wealth Management, Inc., because she felt that many investors were underserved by the typical Wall Street model of an investment firmthe ones where they sell you their own products in order to meet their target sales goals (not your financial ones) and charge high fees for the privilege of saying you have an account with them.

Janet decided she wanted the freedom to provide her clients with totally objective financial information without having to sell any propriety products pushed by a bank or broker/dealer. She knew that having multiple research providers and a broader range of products available would ultimately be better for her clients. Given the complexity of the financial services industry today, the ability to have top-notch, multiple research capabilities cannot be understated.

We think we have greatly improved on that old, traditional model by offering you a comfortable, personal service environment where:

  • We recommend investments because they are best for you, not for some corporation.
  • Your money works effectively toward achieving your goals.
  • Your wishes and opinions are listened to and respected.
  • Your needs are taken into account.
  • You can access research and information to help you make informed decisions.
  • We respond promply to your directions and questions.

By law, all financial companies must partner with a broker/dealer. We chose Commonwealth Financial Network®, one of the preeminent independent broker/dealers in the United States. This partnership ensures that you will receive access to a wide variety of investment choices to complement your financial goals. It also allows us to serve you in a seamless, efficient manner by providing back office, investment, and technology support.